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Important Note: You must login or register as a student to use the Work Importance Profiler.


The Work Importance Profiler is designed to help you understand what attributes are important to you in a career. Based on these attributes, it will identify careers that may be of particular interest to you.


  • Step 1

    You will complete an initial questionaire that presents you with five attributes per page. On each page, you will be asked to rank these five attributes from most important (1) to least important (5).

  • Step 2

    For each attribute, you will answer a Yes/No question regarding whether you would want the attribute in your ideal job.


  • Work Values

    Based on your answers, you will be presented with 6 Work Values ranked in descending order of importance to you. Explanations of the Work Values are included in the results.

  • Possible Jobs/Careers

    These will be careers that best fit with your desired Work Values. The education level required for these careers may vary from no high school diploma all the way to advanced degree.


Approximately 10-15 minutes to complete